Blogging from the dark side

So here’s my first real post from tech-ed collision’s new home.  The company I work for has merged with another and I have a new role.  At the moment it doesn’t seem appropriate for me to be blogging using my old work blog while my role is changing but there are still so many things happening in the world of technology and education that I’d like to comment on.

A long time ago I had some great correspondence from a colleague in NSW (whose views I regard very highly) who chooses to blog about his profession but on a personal blog – Thanks Tim, I am looking forward to the same sense of liberation. 

I was able to copy all my old posts over to Posterous but not the comments and categories.  Its a great pity the comments didn’t come across as they are the most valued parts of my blog.  Thanks to everyone who commented on my posts, I have learned a great deal and will most certainly be trying to get an export of them somehow. Its a bit weird starting from scratch again and I hope anyone who has found any of my thoughts interesting can find me here – to think that some of the people whose views and work I have the utmost respect for have time to have a read of my ramblings means a lot to me.

As for the categories, while they didn’t come across it has been really interesting to go through all my old posts and tag them.  Most likely they will have different tags now and that’s ok because hopefully I am a better tagger.  What has been great though is to look at my progress as a blogger and lifelong learner.  I would encourage anyone to take a walk back through time and have a look at all their old blog posts or other contributions to the Web and sharing of our knowledge, ideas, thoughts etc.  Its really quite illuminating.



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