Project 52 week 3: dabbling with HDR

abandoned hut

Travelling through country Victoria on the weekend I came across this great old abandoned hut but it was fenced off with barbed wire from the road so it was difficult to get some really interesting shots without trying to clamber over the fence and trespassing. The hut was well obscured by overgrown shrubs as well which was a real pity. I would have loved to wander around it as there was some great textures in the timbers and interesting shadows. It was a pretty overcast morning with mist hanging around and I only could take a few shots. For fun I set my camera to take 3 shots using exposure bracketing to see if I could make the photo a bit more expressive using some HDR techniques. This was a handheld shot so I used the camera’s built in exposure bracketing which unfortunately only give a bracketing range of +- 0.7 EV which is quite limiting (cmon Sony its not much of a software fix to improve that).
I have Nik Software’s bundle so loaded the three images into HDR Efex Pro to see what I could do with it and then tinkered around with one of the presets for a few minutes until I got this look which kind of captured the feeling of the morning and place. It’s by no means a good HDR image (google them and you will see what I mean) but it made an interesting shot for the week.

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  1. Damned that barbed wire…


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