Project 52 Week 4: a bit more HDR

MG hdr'd

Continuing the theme of HDR this week’s photo is a 1966 MGB Mk1 which is part of another project but that’s a whole other story. I am not sure if I am a fan of HDR or not but I do really like what some HDR photographers do with vehicles. Architecture, machinery and vehicles of all kinds seem to make great subjects for the creative/expressive side of HDR. Many photographers in the forums that I read seem to shun this very expressive form of photography and seem to insist that HDR should be the pursuit of realistic dynamic range. Those photos do look great but I love seeing people cut loose with the expressive side of it. Photography is an art and the right to manipulate your images as much as you like to achieve the look you are after is central to that. While some HDR may not appeal to all it is important to remember that the images hobbyists work on is their expression of their vision and I think its great that people commit the time to working on it and sharing it.

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