The MG – registered

I took the MG to get identity checked and registered today. The interstate plates are now gone (pity because they were personalised and specific to the car) so it now just has general plates. Getting it identity checked had a few minutes of concern when the guy doing it called someone else over and they started going over the car really slowly with torches peaking everywhere. It turns out they were just having trouble finding the identification plates on the car. What surprised me a bit is with this age car (a 1966 model) I didn’t need to present it for a roadworthy inspection as you have to do in some other States. I am pretty confident it would have passed as it had one done in the State of the previous owner not all that long ago but in some ways a roadworthy inspection is actually a bit comforting – they may find a problem you are not aware of. Anyway, it will soon have its new plates on and I guess they will be the first shiny new parts for the restoration project.

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