Project 52 week 5: on the streets of Tokyo

Akihabara by jerryatflickr
Akihabara, a photo by jerryatflickr on Flickr.

A little late posting this week that’s because I have been out taking heaps of photos and not had chance to sit down and look at them. I am really lucky at the moment as I am away on a trip to Tokyo which must be a would-be amateur photographer’s dream. Tokyo is a mega-city and you just have to experience it to feel what that means, especially coming from the quite small city that I live in. Photography opportunities are boundless – the sights, the people, the culture, the food and it just goes on and on. Then there are the camera stores!
So this week’s photo is simply one of the first that I shot. When I look at it, it’s not a great shot and probably full of mistakes but it’s from the mistakes that I am learning. The composition is not that great and neither is the focus – focus is one of those areas I really have to work on (as is composition)
What I like about it though is for me it captures the moment I was experiencing, the busy pedestrian crossing with the train passing by overhead and the somewhat muted bright lights of Akihabara. I have been here before and the neon lights were something to be seen to be believed but at this time they appear a little muted.
I have so many pictures that I have taken and can’t wait to get home to do some post-processing. I am really interested in street photography and black and white in particular however for some of my Tokyo street shots, I think it is the amazing colours that actually make the shots – colour seems to have such an important role here. Looking at street photography on forums etc there is a huge difference between most of my shots and what others are able to achieve. While they often look opportunistic and candid, images from people interested in street photography seem to have great composition and a great deal of thought, planning and experience seems to have gone into the amazing images they are producing.

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