Project 52 week 8: black and white out of the camera


Being laid up and completely out of action gives you plenty of (too much) time to think as there is not much else you can do. This past week I have had a lot of time to do that so have been thinking a bit about photography, black and white, colour, and a bit of the history of it. As I haven’t really been able to do anything at all I have started to watch Ted Forbes Art of Photography (easy enough to find on iTunes). BTW if you have the time its well worth watching this podcast series and fullt credit to him for taking the time to contribute, share and teach. While I do like some black and white photography and have been inspired by fantastic black and white photos I could only ever see this as a part of the photography that I do. I wonder if the inventors way back had been able to go straight to full colour, what their feelings would have been?
Anyway, for this week, this is I think one of the very early photos I took in black and white mode when I got my NEX 5. I have just been browsing through the photos to see if I have ‘developed’ (excuse the pun) as a photographer since I took an interest.

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