colour profile shift

Just an interesting observation (for me at least). I was watching a podcast the other day on colour profiles and shifts and then a couple of days later got to experience it. I changed the theme I am using for this blog which gave me the opportunity to add my own image header. I cropped an image to the right size then exported it from my editor, it had an option to say leave the colour profile embedded in the image but from what I understand, since I was just publishing the picture on the web (in the blog header), there would be no need to do it as sRGB is sRGB. I imported the image into WordPress and the change in colour is very pronounced – it seems a lot cooler blue than the original. Since I am mostly using this blog for photos I hope this doesn’t continue to happen or that I can find a fix for when I publish photos in this theme as the picture is really not showing at all the nice warm colours I originally captured.


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