Project 52 week 14: the moon

This week, being Easter, I thought I’d have a great opportunity to take some photos of the moon, especially since I’d be away from city lights in a place where the skies are much clearer. Anyway, on the Thursday night before Easter I thought I’d take a few practice photos. I only have a 200mm zoom lens but also have a very old legacy lens that also zooms to 200 but has a 2x adapter with it. Unfortunately the photos with the old lens didn’t turn out (I’m not sure if the lens is dirty or something but the photos were not clear at all). I only took a small number of practice photos and I am glad that I did as that was the only clear night we have had. Since then it has been very cloudy and I haven’t managed a single clear shot all weekend.
With the practice photos the moon was already quite high in the sky and I had hoped to get it when it was just rising and looked nice and big. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get.
Still, it’s got me keen to look out for other opportunities to have a go at taking a good picture of the moon. I am keen to try some different aperture settings.


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  1. Did you see the experiment someone took of photoshopping a series of timed shots. It was incredible and sooo interesting to see just how quickly it moves …


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