Project 52 week 19: street art/graffiti

Looking for inspiration this week I came across some really interesting street art/graffiti on the back walls of some local businesses that back onto a creek. I guess they are a prime target for graffiti of the vandalistic type so what someone appears to have done is get some very good ‘street’ artists to do their thing in a big way along these walls. Some of this has been done by some very talented people and is worth a stroll along – you do have to climb over the padlocked gate if you want to get up close but there is a walking path along the opposite side of the creek. In amongst it are some very fine portraits, one of which I was very close to using for my photo of the week. Instead though, I selected a brighter picture and went to work with Lightroom. The art as is looks very clean so I tried to give the photo a more grungy look.

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  1. Clean as in new, or because we’re accustomed to seeing street in the backstreets with litter and garbage cans as props it seemed a bit staged?

  2. clean as in new – looks like its just gone up. The local graffiti ‘artists’ haven’t even had chance to get out and put their tags all over it. The walls look really clean – no dust or rain splatters yet either, and the grass along the walls is nicely mown.


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