Project 52 week 22: Lightroom-Flickr syncing

So last week I had a lesson in the synchronisation between Lightroom and Flickr. I had a number of photos published to Flickr from Lightroom and a friend at work asked to see some more of my black and white photos. I thought the easiest way to do that would be to publish some more of my photos from Lightroom on my home computer to Flickr so we could look at them at work. Sounds simple enough (and it really is I suppose). However, I made the mistake of removing the old photos in my Flickr folder in Lightroom as i added the new ones. Unfortunately what this did when I published them was to permanently delete the old photos from Flickr too, along with all the nice comments, favourites, stats etc.
It was a shame to lose all that and it was a pain to try to remember all the photos I had published previously. I guess it was my photography lesson for the week though. On top of that any photo that I had previously linked to (from Flickr) in a blog post is now a broken link which I will have to get around to mending at some point.
Anyway, here’s a link to my Flickr photos if you’re interested and here’s a sample below.

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