Project 52 week 28: the bridge

I have been wanting to take some photos of this bridge for some time as I cross it each day on the way to work. When I managed to climb down to the creek and look for a shot though it proved really difficult to get what I was looking for. The whole area is really overgrown and difficult to get to any sort of vantage point. Added to that I was travelling with just a 50mm lens (effective 75mm equivalent given the sensor size on my camera) which made it even more difficult as I had no zoom lens to zoom in and out of from the few vantage points I could get to.
All the colour shots just looked a real mess, just a massive tangle of branches everywhere. Playing around with black and white though removed some of that and this is about the best that I could do without some really extensive post-processing. Its a bit of a departure from the minimalist images I have been trying to create.

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