Project 52 week 32: 35mm Voigtlander

So this week I have had the opportunity to get out briefly and take just a few shots with my new camera and lens. The camera is a Sony NEX-7 and the lens is a Voigtlander classic 35mm f1.4 lens. It is a manual lens on the Sony which is forcing me to concentrate on focus, which I am keen on doing but importantly, I am really keen on taking some photos with lenses that have their own unique characteristics. I am dead set keen on getting a quite sharp relatively wide angle lens for landscape photography but am also really interested in exploring different focal lengths and variable quality lenses that have interesting characteristics of their own. It is hard not to turn into a lens junkie with the Sony NEX cameras as they just seem to lend themselves to so many different lenses (it would be great if Sony release a few more high-quality e-mount lenses themselves but that’s a whole other story).
To date I guess the majority of my photos have been taken with zoom lenses and on auto-focus so it is great to be exploring prime lenses of different focal lengths. The 35mm Voigtlander lens seems to have a beautiful quality to the colour photos I have taken so far so I am kind of wondering why I have gone for a black and white shot to post this week. Perhaps I haven’t quite nailed the focus I was after on the really colourful photos I have taken but any way I am really enjoying the 35mm lens and having to focus manually.
The only disappointment I have had so far has been the minimal focus length is not close enough but having seen some images taken with a Hawk’s adapter I can see the credit card taking another hit!

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