Project 52 week 35: power outage

Well, this week turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Minor car accident on Saturday followed by no electricity for 2 days thanks to a power spike and the cable to the house getting fried. No Internet over the weekend was kind of interesting but a couple of days without power makes you realise just how dependent we have become on it.
Work has well and truly got in the way of photography so the only opportunity at all was on the weekend but without power to anything (phone, laptop etc) I wasn’t able to post anything. The make-do candlelight provided a bit of a photo opportunity and chance to experiment in low-light situations. Here’s a photo from Sunday night.
Taken with my NEX-7 and 35mm Voigtlander lens. I took quite a few shots from different angles and just about all the photos had these green globes/blobs on them. Must have been some sort of reflection on the lens. This photo only had one above the orange/red candle but some of the other photos had quite a number of them.


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