Project 52 week 36: some photos from the night market

This week I was in Melbourne and tried to attend a meetup organised on Google+ at the Luna 1878 Winter Night Market in Victoria Markets.
I was going to meetup using G+ on my phone but had connectivity problems so couldn’t access G+ to find out where everyone was. There were however, quite a few photographers wandering around the market. It was quite balmy when I first started out walking over to the markets but in typical Melbourne fashion it was pouring down with rain and much colder half an hour later.
The pics below were taken with a camera that I haven’t used that much (and even less in low light conditions) so you can see that the quality of them is well below what someone who knows what they are doing (with a Fuji X100) is capable of. Focus in particular is not that sharp. I had the feeling this would be the case but kind of justified it to myself that in the kind of photography I would be doing – street photography – you often see images that are not sharply focussed.
I mentioned before that street photography is one of my favourite kinds of photography but I struggle with some aspects of it. I won’t go into that here because I have covered it before. However I do believe that good ‘street’ photos capture an aspect of life and tell a story. Photography forums seem to be full of ‘street photography’ images which are nothing more than hurried shots of someone walking down the street, taken with no other apparent thought than to capture a random shot of a person or people. Very little thought seems to have gone into them. Having said that, here are a few of my attempts to capture the feel of the night market. This was my first trip there and it is a great place. It consists mostly of food stalls with cuisine from all over the place.

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