Project 52 week 38: abandoned barn, black and white

Not too far from where I live is the Southern Vales, a great little wine region close to the coast. Agricultural regions worldwide seem to provide for some great photographic opportunities and can be a great showcase of local heritage. In Australia we have a relatively short history that is accessible at least to the majority of us (we do of course have a long and rich indigenous history but for most of us, who live in or near to a small number of urban areas, that can be quite inaccessible). Our agricultural history really only spans a couple of hundred years and is fast disappearing. All of the farmland and bushland that I grew up with has given way to suburban sprawl. On the outskirts of this there is still a bit of agriculture but all the old abandoned farmhouses and barns we used to play in are mostly just memories. I came across an old barn and some outbuildings on the way home from a short weekend trip and resolved to go back and take a few photos.
I was looking forward to it, and while I knew that there would be graffiti and vandalism, it was sad to see the extent of it. I quite like street art in urban environments but that’s a far cry from outright vandalism. It would be great to wander around old abandoned buildings that are free of wanton destruction and are not locked up from the public but you can start to see why we are locked out from many places. This old barn was probably once a hive of activity and you could still see a little evidence of that but I probably got more photos for my graffiti collection than anything else.
Anyway, here’s a few with some black and white conversion.

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