Project 52 week 40: long exposure

For some time I have been interested in those landscape shots of waterfalls or the sea where the water is a misty, surreal kind of blur. This weekend was a long weekend which provided the opportunity to spend a few days at the beach. Just coming out of winter and heading into spring the water is still quite cold at Robe so there was plenty of opportunity to do some more land-based activities. I bought a Hoya ND400 filter for one of my lenses and thought I would give long exposures a go. On my first effort, up on the cliffs overlooking the wild surf it was way to windy and I almost got blown over, let alone my camera on its tripod. I found a more sheltered part of the coast and set myself up to take some long exposure shots with the filter on. Looking at the images in the camera I thought I could see a few good ones and some not so great efforts but I did think I had a few keepers.
Unfortunately I had to wait until I got home to see the results on my computer. Looking at the images in Lightroom I could see that at some point, some water drops from the waves had landed on the filter and I guess because of the long exposure and small aperture setting, are quite visible on the image. It’s a shame because a few actually turned out quite well.
Anyway, here’s one of my efforts that didn’t get totally ruined by the spray from the waves.

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  1. awesome photo.


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