Sony NEX-7 firmware upgrade V1.01

So I have been a Sony NEX user for some time. I started with a NEX-5, switching from a DSLR mainly for convenience when travelling. I wanted a smaller camera that provided me with the type of functionality and image quality that I could get on my DSLR and was looking very closely at micro 4/3rds cameras but settled for a Sony NEX instead. Pretty soon I got the NEX bug and started on my collection of lenses.

One of the things that I didn’t like on the NEX-5 was the very-limited exposure bracketing (either +-0.3ev or +-0.7 ev). As a high-end CSC (in its time), I thought this was pretty pitiful, especially when compared to my quite-basic DSLR. It really used to irritate me as at the time, I was starting to experiment with HDR photography. When the NEX-7 was released, the first thing I checked in the specs was the exposure bracketing and I was really disappointed to see that it remained the same, yet the NEX-7 seemed to be viewed as a ‘second camera’ for professionals. As a result I didn’t bother with upgrading for some time and only did so while overseas (all camera manufacturers charge ridiculous prices for their products in Australia so I tend to buy when overseas or from overseas. While they like to screw their consumers ultimately they are doing their distributors a disfavour as we get more savvy and purchase from other markets).

I had tried contacting Sony via their feedback about the exposure bracketing but never got a response. I am not sure why they bother having a ‘contact us’ as they never seem to respond to your average consumer.

Anyway, enough of that. It was a real surprise when I found out that Sony had at last seemed to take notice of all the discussion on the big photography forums etc and released an upgrade to their firmware. They only did a few things but they make a huge difference. There’s a massive improvement to exposure bracketing (still only three shots but up to +-3.0ev – amazing!).

The other big thing they did was to allow users to disable the (very badly placed) movie rec button. On the NEX-5 this was kind of bothersome for me but on the NEX-7, although it’s in the same place, for some reason it is an absolute pain in the butt! Maybe its because I use the NEX-7 a lot more that it is happening more often but I continually seem to activate it at the most inconvenient times resulting in lost shots. Anyway, kudos to Sony to listening – I think that companies that really listen to their customers and act on it are fantastic.

There’s a couple of other minor improvements (such as the time it takes to review the last shot which is now blindingly fast) but this is a great update.

Thank you Sony!

Now, if you could only provide the same update for the NEX-5, which I still have and love to use.


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