Project 52 week 44: industrial

Not too far from where I live is an oil refinery that was closed down a while ago and the government is still in the process of cleaning it up and deciding what to do with it (its taking an awfully long time). Its located on a beautiful part of our coastline and there are some amazing beaches to either side. Since it is so close to the coast the salt air is taking its toll on all the steel etc and the refinery looks well-rusted. It would be amazing to be able to spend a day walking around with a camera and I am sure tours of it would generate quite a bit of interest for a while at least (while they are deciding what to do with it). Some of it is pretty much an eyesore but some creative thinking could turn it into a really interesting place. In the meantime I am imagining many photographers would love to be able to talk a walk/tour around it.
I took a few shots from outside the perimeter fences but much of it is blocked off with trees and buildings. I had hoped to do some exposure bracketing and try a bit of hdr as this sort of imagery looks great with a bit of expressiveness applied however the merged photos didn’t seem to look that great.
I posted two photos, one colour which captures the early morning light and rust, and a black and white version to emphasise the structure a bit. Ideally I would have liked more foreground but all that was there was a really boring shallow and wide sloping roof which just distracted from the structure. I think I like the colour one better.


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