Project 52 week 47: starting to reminisce

So this week I have managed to get out and take a few photos a couple of times and have also been spending a bit of time on the web looking at a few new projects. One of which is looking for ways to get some of my favourite images off my hard disk and printed in some way. An area that really interests me is transferring photos onto other surfaces such as wood. I have quite a few interesting beach photos and some of them would look great transferred onto some driftwood or some ‘stressed’ wood. Most of the web articles I have seen are all about transferring black and white images from ‘laser printed’ images rather than my humble inkjet printer but I have found a couple of interesting approaches.
Anyway, this morning I was back down at the beach again and took some photos of the remains of an old jetty. I tried some long exposures but still had problems with dust on my sensor. It’s a pity really because yesterday I spent ages cleaning the sensor and thought I had it perfect. The shots were taken at an extremely small aperture (F22) and ranged from 8 to 30 seconds so any dust was bound to show up. I take a lot of care with my NEX-7 but it still manages to get dust on the sensor. I don’t think I change lenses excessively but jeez this camera seems to be a magnet for dust. Cleaning it takes forever too.
Anyway, the year is fast drawing to a close and I still have so much to learn and try. I am starting to think about whether I have improved or not over the year and will probably post something about that in the next few weeks.

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