Project 52 week 50: Some street photography – Melbourne

This week I was back in Melbourne (again) and it was quite hot. In the evening I managed to get out for a walk down to Federation Square and along Southbank. I took some ‘street photos’ and a number of landscape shots. This post is all about the street photos. I have posted some thoughts about street photography before and find it to be a really interesting genre in photography. To me it is all about capturing ‘life’. All too often on photo forums you see meaningless images of some random person just walking down the street and unfortunate to walk into the “photographer’s” line of sight. If it doesn’t capture at least some interesting aspect of life or tell some sort of story then it’s not street photography for me. Unfortunately I think there is a bit of that in these photos. There are about 3-4 that I really like, the others – well….I am not so sure yet but I have changed my mind about some of my photos over time before.
I was using a different camera to usual and I think it definitely shows in some of the focus. A number of these photos are quite savage crops as well to centre in on the interesting part of the image. The camera only has a 23mm prime lens so it was challenging to get shots that filled the frame.

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  1. Nice shots. Love the girls, the bicycles, and the reflection off the water.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. nice shots…wish i can take photos of people on the street as good as you….keep it up

    • Hi there, thank you. I just took a look at your blog and there are some amazing shots of people!
      Enjoy your travels.



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