Melbourne photowalk

A lot of the photos on this blog have been taken in the city Melbourne, Australia. I don’t live in Melbounre (in fact, I live in another State about 800km away but my work is based there so I often have to visit. Photography gives me something to do while I am there and it is a great and friendly city to wander around.
Following last year’s ‘Google photowalk’ in Melbourne I joined an informal commmunity on Google+ called Melbourne Photowalkers. Just recently the well-known HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff was in Melbourne and joined a photowalk put together by the organisers of this group. They did a fantastic job and it was a great evening. Trey was a great host and you can read his post about the event here.
THere were ‘officially’ about 289 people there but it seemed like more. I think I had one of the cheapest cameras there with a NEX-7 and my Zeiss 24mm and Sony 18-200mm lenses. The amount of expensive camera gear there was staggering! You can see heaps of photos from the night on the Google+ site.
The photos I took on the night were not all that good so I went back and took some more when I had a bit more time. This post contains a couple of HDR shots and a couple of non-HDR ones. I am not sure about HDR – when it is good it is fantastic but when it is not good it is awful. In my attempts, I am not satisfied with the workflow that I have used to date and need to experiment. I used Nik’s HDR Efex but however that doesn’t give you any flexibility in the compositing phase like Photomatix (according to some of the blogs that I have read) which seems to be limiting. Almost all the images seem to come out a lot less sharp than the original ones and very grainy.
The Sony NEX exposure bracketing is not very good. You can only take 3 shots and until recently was only up to +-0.7ev. They have increased the range to +-3ev now but still with 3 shots. On the night of the photowalk you could hear the Nikon’s snapping off way more shots than that.
It would be great if you could use the timer or remote as well when bracketing to remove camera shake. One of the main reasons why I haven’t posted any shots from the night is that my focussing was not that great. The NEX-7 is hopeless at focussing in low light compared to the other cameras that were being used.
I bought the NEX-7 for its convenience when travelling and that it is supposed to be a premium camera but left the photowalk feeling more convinced than ever that I would like to change back to a DSLR. The NEX-7 is great in many ways but I am starting to feel I might be a bit of a mis-match for it – it doesn’t seem to be suited to the style of photography that I like to take.
Anyway, on my own a few night’s later with a lot more time to fiddle around I did manage a few acceptable low light shots. Here they are:




The first and third photos are not hdr while the second and fourth are. I think the original images of the hdr photos are probably better but since the original photowalk was geared towards hdr I felt obliged to give it a try.

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  1. amazing photos! šŸ˜€


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