Kremlin Canon

I was lucky enough to be invited to Moscow for a series of meetings recently and had the chance to take a few hours and visit some of the sights in this amazing city. I would have loved to take a few days off at the end to visit some other parts of this remarkable country but wasn’t able to. Still, it was the opportunity of a lifetime and so much so that I bought some new camera gear to take with me. I am moving on from my time with Sony’s NEX system (I think the concept is fantastic and I am keeping my collection of NEX gear and lenses but it’s terrible focussing system has finally got the better of me so I am looking elsewhere).
I took this trip with a full-size Canon DSLR and a new compact camera (more about these later) and I will say however, that the relatively compact size of the NEX system was something that I really missed.
Anyway, here are a couple of pictures taken at the Kremlin of an enormous canon known as the Tsar Canon.

Kremlin Canon 1

Kremlin Canon 2

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